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Arcade 1 Reflection

This one was my absolute favorite since it honestly looks awesome. It works perfectly and was the highlight of this assignment. Only issue was it took forever, and I mean forever. I spent at least 3 hours watching the video, writing the code, fixing issues where it wouldn't play and more. Nonetheless, I think it looks pretty cool and works just fine now. After working on the last project to this one, it became a lot easier. An important feauture to notice is the cursor is different than a normal pointy one and its in all my arcades too. I also did some text changes and overall design changes for it to make it look awesome.

Arcade 1

Arcade 2 Reflection

The speech detection was kinda hard since I ran into some javascript related coding issues a lot and I could not for the life of me figure out how to add another function where an emoji of corn popped up. It really annoyed me so I just scrapped that idea for this arcade. It also kept messing up with speech related things as well so that was a challenge that took a while to fix. Although I did make a few cool changes to the page and made the writting font and background look like actual paper and writting. Which I thought was a cool feature to have. Past that, I think this one I rate 8/10 for difficulty since I had a lot of issues.

Arcade 2

Arcade 3 Reflection

I liked this one a lot and I even used one of my own photos to use as the picture modifier. I imported a new font as well, and made a few minor design changes to go with it. I didn't do anything crazy with this one since it gave me a bit of issues regarding picture resizing and the background. I spent the least amount of time on this one which was about an hour which is really nice compared to the 3 hour one.

Arcade 3

Arcade 4 Reflection

This one is my second favorite since I spent a lot of time on the presentation of it, along with font changes, backgrounds, and words "play". I think it came out really cool, and would be a good additon to any website that wants a wow entrance since its responsive and demonstrate higher level of Javascript coding. I ran into some font related issues with sizing and them image sizing issues.

Arcade 4

Arcade 5 Reflection

Hands down, one of the coolest since I used it like a shopping list. It also includes checkboxes to the side for additional "grocery items" that have to do with the one to the left of them. I was simple and straightforward and is a great addition for cooking websites with ingredients to mark through via the website. I worked on something similar in the first project we did in class and it did not come out like this. This one is exactly what I was looking for for a cooking website.

Arcade 5

Arcade Reflection

I chose this project to challenge myself since I hate Javascript with a passion. I, in project 4, barely understood how to use the language. I got results, but not desired results. It looked kinda bad and unprofessional and not something you want to show employers. So, in hopes to improve said lack of skills, I chose to do it again but with some harder ones that were more challenging and required some more coding. Overall, I think it came out wonderfully and much better looking. Yes, there is stuff to work on overall, but nonetheless it came out much better. I included a picture of my own, styling changes, fonts, and cursor changes as well. I still hope to work on Javascript some more and learn more ways to implement that in websites. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Project 4

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