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The New Media Certificate

New Media Website at UGA states, "The New Media Certificate supplements any undergraduate or graduate degree and is a credential that demonstrates a student is technowledgable: the understanding of new media technologies and their application in a chosen field."

Beginning of new media
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New Media Production -> NMIX: 4110

In NMIX: 4110, I learned how to hand code websties using html and css, use bootsrap, wordpress, and javascript programming. Below I will feature all of the project I worked on over the course of the semester of this class. Overall, I struggled with javascript and inspecting elements to overwrite them in coding. I hope to learn how to better learn how to code javascript and use it to improve a website overall to create a authentic and professional layout for a website for either a potential customer or myself. For Project 1, I learned the basics of html and css while using photographs from work and my own writings. It thoroughly represents a basic understanding of coding with gradient colors, a responsive navbar, and more. I struggled with minor issues such as image sizing and fonts. Below is the link to Project 1: Project 1 For Project 2, I learned how to use bootstrap to speed up the process of html coding and use templates already made and just overwriting them to create a finished project. It makes project 1 seem less professional which it is. The individual panel in the project show the differences in how bootsrap improves the overall layout. I overall, only struggled with overwriting the imported css from the template, but it was the easiest project to me to work on. This link takes you to Project 2 Project 2. Project 3 was my least favorite for various reasons, but demonstrated alike to Project 2 how professional websites can look like. The project took the longest to complete out of all the project I have completed this semester, not for difficulty, but length of time put into. It also has a lot of widgets, content, and extra buttons to work around. It's easy to use, but requires a lot to get used to to fully understand each aspect to work with Wordpress. I struggled with plugins, since some required you to pay for or weren't straightforward and confused me. I think it came out well in the shopping site, but I was less impressed for my news site. I think it still came out well, but could have been improved more. This is the link to Project 3: Project 3. Project 4 was the hardest for me since it uses javascript and that programming language makes the least amount of sense to me to use. It's overall, content is consisted of random numbers, brackets, and letters, which somehow come together to make an awesome outcome. Javascript is very cool, but also very difficult to use and understand. The project came out really well and looks awesome. I hope to learn it better and understand it on a deeper level to correctly utilize it in newer works. This is the link to Project 4: Project 4. The Final Project is built upon project 4 to challenge myself in javascript. It was exactly how I imagined it would go with my inexperience in javascript, but still came out fantastic and demostrated how my knowledge improved with java. Final Project

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Digital Brown Bag

In this class, I learned how to make informed decisions on my credit cards and credit history and future. Through personality development assignments I was able to improve a lot of skills, credit, and aspects about myself. I also recieved a certificate after completing Inbound certification which helps me understand marketing, customer service, and more which alows me to be able a "working cog in a well-oiled system". I also did a personal development assignment that helps me better understand myself, my goals, and jobs that may be of interest for my "personality". My personality is defined as an ENTP and means that creative thinkers who see many ways of getting things done and logically analyze how different choices might turn out. When speakers came in, I was able to actively engage by asking questions and getting to know the different types of jobs and the type of work ethic that needs to be applied to those jobs.


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